Southern Africa at its best!

    We make dreams come true!

    Different Tours!

    We cater to all types of tours – Camping, Glamping, and Lodging! Why? Because everyone is different, and every family experience different!

    Camping with only the best-equipped vehicles, 4X4 rentals will ensure you have the ultimate experience close to nature. But, we know camping with children can be challenging if the whole trip is just camping. And not just challenging for the children, but also for the parents, who need to clean and work – and miss out on a holiday.

    Camping when you are only adults is great, and mixing camping and lodging when having the family is the ultimate experience. Some days camping, some days Lodging.

    Glamping is when you take a guided trip – and we have only the very best, qualified guides that will ensure you experience the ultimate! Yout tent will be pitched, you will have a choice to help around the camp and preparing food.

    For those wanting guided trips, our guides are the most professional people, will tell you all you need to know and experience about Namibia. But when you need alone time, your guide will be like mist – disappearing in front of the hot Namib sun, leaving you to safely experience a personal time.

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