Join our Family

At Of Africa, we are trying to boost and support the smaller establishments and service providers, especially the family-owned ones. We believe in a more personal relationship and service between visitors and their places of enjoyment. How else would a visitor REALLY get the feel of our lovely regions, people, and continent?

If you are a family-owned establishment or provider, get in touch! We would like to have you on our shortlist and we have clients waiting to have the personal touch!

Who we would like to have onboard:

  • Guides! We would like to have qualified freelance guides on our list, so prospective Guests can make contact with you directly and choose you! We feel that it is best for a group to choose the guide they would like to help create the memories of a lifetime!
  • Safari Operators: While we do Itinerary Planning, some of our guests would like a more formal Operator to take them through our countries. We would love to connect you with them! This can include Day Operations or longer excursions.
  • Accommodational Establishments: If you are private, sole owner, or family-owned, we would like to boost YOU. Our Guests want a more private memory, and the huge commercial establishments are not to the liking of most who choose us for itineraries
  • Restaurants and Bistros: Would you like bookings from our Guests?
  • Curio Shops and Craft Stalls: We would like to let our Guests know about you!
  • Other – If you feel you have something of value to our Guests, please make contact.

Establishments, Operators, and other Commercial Entities will get a listing in the correct category, with a direct link to their website. We do not take any commission from you. The commission is your profit, and this is what is helping your family to thrive. We only ask for our listing fee, of R550 per year, and this is just to cover setup cost, validation, and bandwidth use. If you do not have a website, we can easily create an affordable page for you with the needed info and contact detail to have guests in effective contact.

You will also receive 2 Social Media adverts per month, which we will use as adverts on our platforms, as well as an inclusion in our Digital Magazine.

Operators, Register HERE. Establishments, Register HERE. The Antispam Code is 5895 to ensure validity.


To join our Database for us to be able to allocate guides to trips as needed. Remember that ONLY qualified Guides may register with us. This is only for our internal database.

Go to our Guide Registration Page and fill in the form to register. The Antispam code is 5895 to ensure that only humans can fill in this form

OR: Get either a Referal or Profile Page and a Membership Card. You will be asked about your qualifications to be able to join, as we want only the best for our Guests. With a referral Page, you will have the Listing rerouted to another Page of your choice (an existing webpage, FB Page, etc). The Bandwidth fee for this is R100 per year.

With the Profile Page, a small contact form will be set up in order to have people make contact with you directly on your own private e-mail. So, basically, you have a webpage, that you can use for any other purposes too. Your fee for this will be R350 per year. It is imperative for us to support our local qualified guides.

Mail us now to have a chat and join our community!