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    The Corona HURT.

    (This post is aimed at the African Tourism Establishments) Corona Hurts. Especially in Tourism. In Africa, people have no tours, accommodation Establishments are empty and people are left without salaries. Yes, we know it is needed at this stage. NOW IS THE TIME TO DO YOUR MARKETING!!! People at home

    Corona – The African Perspective.

    (This post is aimed at the International Traveler) With the whole world scared of Corona Covid 19, Southern Africa was one of the last regions to get some infections. From people returning from their Italian Skiing Holidays… and from other travelers. Thus, how does this affect tourism? Many tourists have

    Different Tours!

    We cater to all types of tours – Camping, Glamping, and Lodging! Why? Because everyone is different, and every family experience different! Camping with only the best-equipped vehicles, 4X4 rentals will ensure you have the ultimate experience close to nature. But, we know camping with children can be challenging if