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    Corona – The African Perspective.

    (This post is aimed at the International Traveler)

    With the whole world scared of Corona Covid 19, Southern Africa was one of the last regions to get some infections. From people returning from their Italian Skiing Holidays… and from other travelers.

    Thus, how does this affect tourism? Many tourists have canceled or postponed their trips to destinations throughout the world.

    Namibia has closed off one of the largest schools, stopped flights from and to certain destinations (including Germany and Dubai) and has even stopped their own Independence Festival – celebrating 30 years of Independence! (Read More)

    South Africa has closed 35 of its 54 borders on 16 March, and have very strict Travel bans in place, and all festivals and mass gatherings are stopped, as well as schools will close early on Wednesday, for a month. (Read more)

    According to Information is Beautiful, a site that takes data from all over and gets the true information out, as well as most other true, factual sites around the globe, 80.9% of the cases are mild, like flu.

    So, why the panic about Corona Covid 19? Social Media Frenzies. It is not so much the NEWS that is creating panic, but Social Media Trolls, Fearmongerers and stirrers that is causing the total frenzies like the Toiletpaper Wars in Australia etc. OR is it? Yes and no. The travel bans are needed mostly because Namibia and South Africa do not have the health care facilities to accommodate 1000’s of sick people who may need ICU treatments and oxygen. They do not have the personnel to deal with these outbreaks. So, it is NOT that everyone is sick, it is so that those are getting sick, can be helped without masses that need more treatments risking no medications. Thus, we need to look at it from both sides. It is currently and Outbreak, and Epidemic, as stated by WHO (World Health Organisation).

    Yes, Corona Covid 19 is serious, and one should definitely take note of it. You need to be informed, you need to be safe. Yes, Travel was needed to be postponed while the world figured out what is going on. Just like with SARS and Swine flu a while back… With some, it is not so much the ILLNESS that is the problem, but the exceptional way of contagion. With others that have lower immunities, that have lung problems etc, it may be a very real threat. We do not know exactly what our neighbour’s health may be. But it should not be spread in such a way that those who are really threatened is in danger.

    From Information is Beautiful

    Stopping Corona spreading in informal settlements is the hard part. It cannot be done. People in informal settlements cannot go into self-quarantine… There is just no way. That is why it is needed to stop travelers at this stage, to lessen the quantities of infected people, and make sure that travelers and citizens alike is protected. Believe me, you do NOT want to be stuck in Namibia’s State hospital.

    Thus, please have understanding and respect for the presidents’ wishes to close certain borders and place a travel ban.

    Ps… We make a lot of toilet paper ourselves in Africa – so, we still have…

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