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    The Corona HURT.

    (This post is aimed at the African Tourism Establishments)

    Corona Hurts. Especially in Tourism. In Africa, people have no tours, accommodation Establishments are empty and people are left without salaries. Yes, we know it is needed at this stage.


    People at home is NOW sitting and planning their trips in their heads – be sure to be seen! If you stop your Marketing now, you will not bounce back as fast as those who now concentrate on making waves!!!

    But soon the Market will bounce back! Just like with any other disease, after it has been figured out. Because, Humans that WANT to travel and Explore, are informed, vigilant and adventurous. Like TB, Sars, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, All the other Corona based viruses – like even the common cold, and each and every other one, it WILL be figured out, and the good people of the human race will explore once again!

    Even Ugab Mall is all closed up… Tourism is on halt.

    Life in China has started stabilizing again. The car factories have opened again, and people are continuing on their daily life again. And in a few weeks, this will also be the case in Southern Africa.

    Many smaller establishments are going to have extensive suffering because of the immediate stop, cancelations, and strapped cash flow.

    During this quiet time, you have STAFF and no guests… please take note of the following:

    • NOW is the time to extensively make sure of your Marketing!!
    • NOW is the time to do the deep cleaning, take stock, change the decor or implement new systems to make life easier.
    • NOW is the time to make sure that they get refresher courses again! From Front of House training to refresher First aid, to Back of house. Practice on each other! Teach each staff member a new skill.

    Do you need some training materials or ideas? Contact us for free International Standard Material and ideas to keep your staff occupied and bettering themselves!

    MARKETING at this time is most important. Not only here, but everywhere in the world, people are in self-quarantine. People get bored, and a LOT of Explorers and prospective travelers have now realized that time does not stand still, and is already planning on a holiday and gathering information! Many people are NOW looking at ideas, places to stay and more. Do you need help MARKETING: Contact us. We offer our packages now at “commitment rates” where you pay a small commitment fee, and the rest when tourism starts bouncing back. Because we know you need it NOW!

    To each and every Establishment, Guide and Patron in Hospitality that feels down… Remember, Tourism WILL bounce back! We are currently creating some extremely special tours to welcome the Explorers back as soon as the virus is fully figured out! And International Visitors are viewing these already! Stay strong, hang in there, and know that when tourism starts again, it will boom!

    Inviting the smaller, private, or new, OWNER MANAGED Established Lodges, Camps and Guesthouses/ Guestfarms in Southern Africa* – you are now welcome to join us as preferred Establishments in order to receive more tourists – or join in our Marketing Packages; we know you and your family struggle the most when tourism dwindlesare… contact us and discuss.

    *Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique – We only make use of certain safe areas, so discuss with us where you are.

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