Need to visit Southern Africa? Our Tour and Travel department is very well known for the roads and conditions, the best places to visit, those special less-visited experiences that can make your holiday top-notch but affordable! Visit Namibia and B0tswana safely!

We specialize in the whole of Namibia, Botswana to Victoria Falls; as well as Cape Town and the Garden Route South Africa.

Southern Africa at its best!

As a born Namibian that worked over 20 years in the tourism sector; with very close ties in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and South Africa, we care for each and every tour we do.  We care about the visitor, and will advise on a tour with safety in mind, yet such that the visitor can experience as much as possible of true Africa as per their specific request.

We excel in tailor-made tours, and though we have some specific partners, we are open to all establishments in order to ensure the best possible holiday and memories of a lifetime!    Birding is a passion of ours, and being an avid birder, we know some of the best possible spots to see some of the most elusive birds!           

We know EXACTLY what you will see, how the roads go. We know all about those special places to visit that no other touring company will tell you about – because they have not LIVED there. We did. Are you ready for a very special personalized tour? Not just the usual trip that everyone sees?

To plan the very best tour, one needs to understand that each individual or family has their own needs, their own wants, and their own criteria. We aim to please as we know you are spending a lot to come and make memories of a lifetime!

We have special places and routes for families traveling with children; as we know children learn differently, experience differently, tire more easily, and process the information differently than the adults. We ensure that this trip will open your child(ren)’s eyes to the real Africa and all its beauty and secrets.

We have different places for those that are doing a honeymoon or anniversary. And ohhhh yes… We know the most romantic, private spots for the special days following your union! We know that your honeymoon – be it the first or a second honeymoon, or your aniversary is a very special occasion to be pampered, left in peace when you need, and build the most exquisite memories to last a lifetime.

We know the very best spots to see some of the most elusive birds. Being a birder myself, I know birders are living in another world. A feathery world where you need to hear and then follow the sound to be amazed and get the perfect photo. We plan your trip with our hearts; we advise the very best according to the time of year your visit will be, and what you would expect. We will surpass your expectations, each and every time!

Our itineraries are not just an itinerary. We tell you what to look out for along the road, ensuring that you have only the best experience and do not pass by something worthwhile to see and experience to help enhance your visit. We give extra information on what you do not find in the regular travel magazines, or in the regular planners.

Our service is extremely personal. We correspond and ensure that you know exactly what is going on while planning. We fit in with your time frame and are available in real-time as you travel. We look after you while ensuring that you are having the very best experiences!

Let us plan your experience and memory of a lifetime!