Birding Extraordinaire!

Southern Africa has over 600 species of birds, and as an avid birder that lived all around Central Southern Africa (Okavango Delta, Caprivi/Zambezi, Vic Falls etc) I know of a few perfect spots to see some of the rarest bird species!

Carmine Bee-eaters flock in their thousands to breed at a certain time of the year

This can include the African FinFoot, African Skimmers, Schalow’s Turaco, Shelly’s Sunbird, the Dune Lark, Herero Chat and many many more! And yes, we know where to find the Shoebill as well 🙂 If you are up for traveling!

Whether you have specific birds that you need to tick off for your “Big Year”, or whether you would like to see all you can, we have specified tours and create tailor-made safaris with the very best of spots and guides to ensure you have the very best opportunity to spot all of them!

We will advise you which times of the year are best for certain birds. Some very extraordinary birds can be found among our special places, including Leucist Woodland Kingfishers. Some melanistic birds can also be seen, in totally different areas.

©NiquiBosch – Leucistic Woodlands Kingfisher

See the birds below: Can you name them? Come see them for yourself!

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