Explore with Children!

  • We currently have a Family tour in progress!!

Many Lodges and camps are not geared for children or do not allow young children. While we can understand this from remote Lodges caring about children’s’ safety, we also feel the most impressionable age is in childhood! Children deserve to see the world, to open their minds, to explore new places and cultures! Travel is a fundamental developing block for children, and they deserve to see the world as well! And no, seeing it on TV or the Internet does not do it justice. They deserve real experience. To learn about the difference in life, the different cultures. To experience true nature and see what it is all about. Children are our future, they need to understand and spread the love. Children NEED to see the world too!

Traveling with children on the vast, long roads can be a challenge, and thus we plan your itinerary in such a way that traveling time is not too long and supply educational games and information to keep the children busy (©Wendy Wei )

At Of-Africa we create tailor-made tours according to your children’s ages, and your needs. See the Dinosaur footprints in Namibia, See the rock paintings! Explore the Big 5 safely from a venue that is child-friendly and has child-friendly meals. Get Guided tours and educational walks. Can you imagine the looks on all his friends’ faces when he told them that he saw real dino tracks!!! And he can show photos!

We have venues that know exactly how to give a guided tour so that your children can also learn and understand, and fully partake in the experience; instead of being overlooked or getting lost in the adult talk.

What we do extra: When you book a Childrens’ tour with us, we supply an Online booklet called Zibo. Zibo is a little Lozi Boy, who is traveling Namibia and Botswana, and telling your children stories on a level they can understand, and find interesting. Zibo will explain about life in a little mud hut, about life overall in Namibia. Zibo visits each area and tells you how he experiences the Nature of each region; the towns, and the sea, and will explain to your child the difference in cultures and answer a lot of questions your child has. Because… Zibo is also a child, and he understands!

We recommend different venues for different ages in some of the experiences, thus we prefer to do a tailor-made tour, and we include all your own interests as well! There are just too many ideas and itineraries to give if we do not know what you are interested in as well as the ages of your children; so, contact us, and let us know when you plan to visit, and what your preferences are.

We will then give you a quick rundown to what you can do and see per the region and interests, and we can work from there!

Zibo will explain why their King is called the Litunga, and how they play, live and go to school. Zibo will tell you why Namibia is the Smile of Africa, and Why Namibia has such a funny shape. He will teach you about plants, animals and much more! So, let Zibo be your Child’s Book Guide in having a Perfect holiday!