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    Merged! Of-Africa and Explorer Magazines!

    In an exciting turn of events, Of-Africa and African Explorer Magazines have merged to create a super dynamic effort in streamlining affordability and impact for both establishments and the tourists reading our Magazines! With over 1 million reads on the last magazines of African Explorer, we have held back over the worst of Covid periods… but the time is right!
    It is time to start reconnecting the world, and with Marketing totally changed after the whole world has been disrupted, new strategies are needed. Tourism took a dive. Establishments took a dive. And visitors also took a dive regarding income. Gone are the days where visitors can pay huge amounts to establishments to just create their holiday. You have to be involved actively and give a tangible service. No more middlemen as more and more visitors start planning by themselves. The internet is available. But, many prospective visitors have failed their holidays by walking into Scams. We would like to create a safe environment for both establishments and visitors alike to connect without the exorbitant fees of middlemen.

    As part of our new merger, we welcome the charming Veronica Lindt to our team. Veronica is a creative writer and has an exceptional eye for detail. Our Magazines will cover tourism establishments and service providers, easily connecting prospective readers with their perfect establishments. We are also itinerary specialists and used by both professional as well as private travel planners to create easy and exceptional tours to fit the genre and interests of their guests/of their group. The first edition after our Merger will be out mid-October! Want more info or to join in? Contact us: info@of-africa.com



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