Boasting 7 different climate regions, Namibia is one of the very few countries to “offer it all”.

Sossusvlei has some of the highest dunes on Earth, and the eerie landscape of Deadvlei is very impressive! Namibia boasts the world’s second-largest canyon, Fish River Canyon. The Atlantic Coast with all it’s splendour, the Namib Desert… A Ghost Town. Wild horses of the Namib; Playground of the Giants; the Burnt Mountain and quite a number of Rock Art sites. Caves. Etosha National Park is one of the well-known parks, but there are over 30 smaller National and Private Nature Reserves offering so much that your mind will explode! The Big 5, The small 5! The World’s oldest plants, The Welwitschia, The World’s Oldest Trees, The Baobab.

The Kalahari Desert with its rich red dunes, the arid South, The Short Bush Savanah of the Central areas. The grasslands of Eastern Namibia and Bushmanland… The White Sandyness of Wamboland, the intricate geology of the Kaokoland. The Rock Formations of Damaraland will have you thinking you just stepped out in Fred Flintstone’s world! The Epupa Falls and Ruacana Falls inside the Kunene River, the huge Pans of Etosha. The Subtropical Parts of the Zambezi (Caprivi) areas, the start of the Okavango Panhandle. Bordering on Chobe. Namibia is one of the most intense and sparsely populated places on earth!

Experience the PEOPLE! Namibia have 12 tribes of people, and they are represented by the 12 points on the sun in the National Flag. The Himba People and Bushmen people are of the oldest tribes in the world! The Herero People in their fabulous dress, the Nama and Damara people in their proud attire. The Okavango people and Lozi people of the North-Eastern Parts of Namibia have many tribes with the most exquisite stories!

Experience the Big Cats where they are rescued and rehabilitated; and NO, we do not promote walks with lions, or Elephant rides. We are sensitive to Nature and respect the natural instincts and way of the animals.

A magnitude of small, personal Guest Houses, Guest farms, brilliant Lodges and hotels with exquisite ambiance exist all around Namibia, and it is here that we intend to send our guests. We move away from the large impersonal hotels and spaces, Family-owned, with a personal touch in order to soak in as much of the natural experiences that one can!

Want to experience Namibia in all its Splendour? Contact us today with your requests and enquiries! We are ready to offer you the PERSONAL side of Namibia! See the Gallery and Enquiry form below!

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